Customs Brokerage Services

In today's fast-paced world of commerce, trade and industry, Customhouse Brokers are professionals who play an important role in the exporting and importing of business goods. They also serve as knowledgeable consultants in all matters dealing with foreign trade, and act as key intermediaries between importers, exporters and tariff regulating authorities.

As foreign trade expands, and the effects of a world market are felt at all levels, Customhouse Brokers have become key players whose performance and professionalism are essential to successful business.

Customs clearance

OSPECA GROUP - works closely with Mexico's Department of Commerce, insuring the just application of all tariffs, and advising its clients on efficient business practices to avoid delays, sanctions, fines and other difficulties.

OSPECA GROUP - primary goal is to combine its extensive knowledge of customs law with its keen understanding of logistics management in order to significantly streamline cross border shipping.

OSPECA GROUP - experienced personnel and our logistical team provides an excellent and impressive service for our customers. Our state of the art proprietary software ©Trafico provides services like:

- Total control of our customer’s IMMEX program
- ©Trafico populates our customer’s database with all required information – real time!
- Our customers are able to automate their shipments by just providing banking information through our ©Online Express
- Inventory control
- Consignment Control
- Mainframe interface
- EDI ready

For the last 50 years OSPECA GROUP has acquired a vast experience in the following sectors:

- Steel – from raw to finished
- Chemical Industry
- Lubricant Industry
- Mining Industry
- Medical Industry
- Automotive Industry
- Food Industry